Този блог е място за всеки българин, който е опитал от емигрантския живот и се е завърнал в Родината. Той е и за тези, които се готвят да емигрират. Най-сетне, той е за всички българи, които се вълнуват от въпросите на емиграцията. Добре дошли!

Monday, July 03, 2006

Diigo - social annotation and social bookmarking

  • This is a sample comment for my Diigo. - post by zachary

So now as you browse along, you simply highlight and add sticky
notes on anything that interests you, and afterwards,  you can easily
incorporate your highlights and notes to your blog with one-click "Blog This". A new blog post will be instantaneously pre-populated with your highlights
(including pictures, tables of data, etc.), any associated
sticky notes, public page comments, and a link to the web page you are visiting.
With our rich text editor, edit based on what you blog-this with, preview, then publish to your blog right away.
It is that simple!
  • This is my first experimental sticky note. - post by zachary


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